Update #202

37 photos; 8:30 video

A Walk in the Woods Part 1 HD

Poor Bella. What started out as just a simple walk in the woods to clear her mind ends up as something very much unexpected.

Her conflict as of late is her Songbird Persona, Marvelous Girl, Silken Shadow and even The Columbus Creeper all can be too much at one time. Oh yea, whats with the G.L.O.W. tryouts? Will any of it make sense?

Bella finds herself bound to a tree when finally someone arrives but he is not exactly her first choice of heroes to rescue her. The out of work henchman she got fired because of all her escapes does not seem to have any pity for her.

Lets just say some more duct tape is added while Bella tries to sweet gag talk her way out of this but will it work?

To be continued...

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