• Wishing everyone a Happy New Year (December 28, 2014)

    We here at HosedNHelpless,com want to wish all our members and friends a wonderful New Years and hope you all have a fantastic 2015.

    Most importantly, we wanted to say thank you for all your support. Without you there would be no HosedNHelpless :)

  • High Definition (June 30, 2013)

    All videos are filmed in full HD and available for individual purchase.

    Deep discounts for members of the site.

  • A wonderful anniversary (May 12, 2013)

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your support.


    In four days it will be three years since update #1 and because of you we are now at #143 and going strong.


    Thank you for all your wonderful emails and suggestions that keep me HosedNHelpless and look forward my perils to come.




    Kira Dee




  • Ever want to be part of a fetish shoot? (November 29, 2012)

    Keep the stories coming :)

    Must admit, this is a great idea that my good friend Sandra Silvers promotes. Always looking for new places and settings to end up hosed and helpless. Maybe you have just that place. A private home, an office, warehouse..the ideas are endless. If you think you would like to be behind the scenes during a shoot..let us know. We have a ton of fun and very relaxed here when we shoot. Of course we can provide you with your own copies of the work when finished. And for those who may want to be in front of the camera...can always use a new villian or two :) Feel free to drop us a line to discuss it more in detail. Have had some great responses so far and hope to see all of you soon. Kira

  • Update 16 now has video (July 19, 2011)

    Crawl Space Captive can now be viewed in a whole new way.

  • Custom videos on their way (June 26, 2011)

    To my friends who have requested that I capture their ideas here, they are on their way in the form of updates soon:) Lets say one involves some fun encasement and another tickling while bound :) Thank you for taking the time to contact me and hope you will enjoy them :) Kira Dee

  • Fetcon (June 26, 2011)

    Will be stopping in to Fetcon in Tampa this year. I am very excited as this will be my first visit. Please drop me a line if you are attending as I would love to say hello in person to my friends who have supported me here :) Kira

  • Custom Video Shoot (February 19, 2011)

    I hope you will enjoy my upcoming custom video set \"Sent for Gag Training\" Had a lot of fun bringing over 60 minutes of custom video and photo\'s to life :) Let me know if you have something special in mind. Kira

  • Photo\'s Added to Update #8 (January 2, 2011)

    I have added 7 Photo\'s to this update which was only Video before. I hope you enjoy them. Kisses, Kira Dee

  • Video added to update #17 (January 2, 2011)

    I just uploaded a 3:32 Video to this update that I hope you enjoy. Kira Dee

  • A Holiday wish to all (December 13, 2010)

    I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement and look forward to the new year ahead. As always, I will be HosedNHelpless. With love, Kira Dee

  • Thank you my friends (October 17, 2010)

    I just wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate your support, comments and suggestions. I hope to be able to \"capture\" them all for you soon if I have not already. Please keep those ideas coming as I love to hear them all. Kira

  • A fan story I hope you enjoy as I know I did (July 21, 2010)

    A short story by Paul Mccree, a very special fan. Thanks Paul The P.T.A Kira, an attractive young woman with golden brown hair had been invited to go to a P.T.A. meeting that evening with her good friend Nyxon. The invitation was from Chalky, their pretty redhead friend, and she had told them the school was looking to appoint a new governor. Kira was indifferent about becoming a governor, but if nothing else, there was the chance to meet her friends and probably go for a drink later. Kira took a shower and walked to the bedroom where she chose an outfit for the evening. She would have to look professional, but not too overdressed. She eventually settled on a dark grey skirt (long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to create interest) and a black tee shirt. She pulled on a pair of panties and a black satin bra, and then she opened a new pair of dark tan pantyhose. Being a true lady, Kira always wore pantyhose whenever she went out, considering that it gave her appearance the ‘Finished off’ look, rather than look like someone who simply couldn’t be bothered. She knew that there would always be some men or even women around who would admire her nylon-clad legs. She pulled the pantyhose on her legs carefully, she certainly did not want a ladder in them and then she pulled her skirt and tee shirt on. Kira sat in front of the bedroom mirror and applied her makeup carefully. Once she was ready, she left the house, climbed into her car and drove to Nyxon’s house where they had arranged to meet. Kira walked up the path to Nyxon’s front door. It was not often that she had to ring the doorbell; Nyxon was usually prompt and waiting for her. The door was slightly ajar, and Kira heard Nyxon call out “Come in, I won’t be long” Kira walked into the living room and sat down on one of the luxurious sofas. After a few minutes, she heard a noise behind her and when she turned around she saw Nyxon. She was smartly dressed in her black skirt and white blouse and barely black pantyhose with stiletto heels on her feet, but what Kira did not expect to see though, Nyxon was wearing a bandit style mask over her nose and mouth and she had a small pistol in her hand. “Come on” she said. “Let’s get on with this evening” “But surely you’re not going to the P.T.A. dressed like that?” remarked Kira “We are not going to the P.T.A.,” answered Nyxon. “We are staying here” There was something strange about Nyxon, which Kira could not quite work out. She seemed distant somehow, as if she had been drugged or something. There was another movement in the room and Kira saw another well-masked woman. She was wearing a stocking mask and also had a black silk bandana tied tightly over her nose and mouth. The second woman was not wearing a skirt or shirt, in fact, all she was wearing was pantyhose over her legs and body, and a pair of stiletto heels. Kira studied the second woman briefly but she couldn’t make out who she was or even if she had seen her before. The second woman had a bag with her and she emptied the contents onto the floor. Kira studied them with keen interest. The bag had contained several lengths of soft white rope and a few bandanas and what seemed like several pairs of pantyhose and tights. “Put your hands behind your back” Said Nyxon. “Don’t panic, we trust each other don’t we?” Kira did in fact trust Nyxon, but she was a little unsure of her that evening and also there was the added unsurety of the mystery woman, after all, she did not know Kira’s safety word. Kira felt the ropes tightening around her wrists and she could sense the cool firmness of the masked woman tying her. The woman tied a few coils around Kira’s arms and body, restricting her even more before ordering Kira to sit down on the sofa. Kira obeyed the orders and watched helplessly as the woman tied her ankles and knees. “You have very nice legs,” The woman said when she had finished tying them. “And these pantyhose are just gorgeous” she continued, as she stroked Kira’s shapely legs. “I don’t usually let women do that,” Kira told her. “That is reserved for Mark” “Well Mark shouldn’t let little girls out on their own if they can’t look after themselves should he?” This time it was Nyxon who spoke. Kira glared at her then she spoke again. “Kira is going to be our little toy this evening and unless Kira does as we say, Kira is going to be in big trouble” Kira watched the silk mask going in and out of Nyxon’s mouth as she spoke. ‘Why was she speaking like that? Moreover, what was this all about?’ Normally when they tied each other up it seemed a lot more pleasurable than this. The masked woman then took a scarf from the small pile on the floor. She folded it into a bandage and tied it over Kira’s mouth. “You have to be gagged too,” She said. Kira did not normally mind being gagged, but this time it felt a little weird somehow. She worked her jaws and managed to slip the gag off her mouth. The woman frowned and then opened a new pair of pantyhose. She shook them out and then rolled them up into a ball. “You are beginning to annoy me,” she said firmly. “Open your mouth” Kira began to try to reason with her. She hated having pantyhose in her mouth unless they were wet. She did not like the dry mouth feeling which they gave her. “Please don’t gag me with pantyhose” She began to babble, “I promise I’ll keep the gag on this time only I don’t li…” She broke off involuntarily as the woman ignoring her pleas and stuffed the nylon hose well into Kira’s mouth, then tied a tight cleave gag over the top to keep them in. Kira could only glare her distaste at the woman. The next step proved to be strange as well. The woman then took some more rope and turned her attention to Nyxon. “And now honey, we’ll have you tied up like your friend” Nyxon did not put up any resistance as the woman tied her hands behind her back. She was thorough in her tying and when she had tied her nylon-encased legs and ankles and she was satisfied that Nyxon was well secure, she once again took a pair of tights and stuffed them into Nyxon’s mouth before tying a tight cleave gag. The woman then removed Kira and Nyxon’s shoes and began once more to stroke their ankles and feet. She noticed however that whenever she touched Kira’s feet, Kira would flinch and squirm. “Hmmm” Said the woman, “I’ve just had a brilliant idea” Kira had the uncomfortable thought that the woman was going to tickle her feet and Kira would not be able to stop her. She began to scream mutedly into the gag in her mouth, but this seemed to amuse the woman. She dragged Kira from the couch and into the bedroom where she sat her on the bed. She tied Kira’s body to the headboard, passed a length of rope through the bonds around her ankles, and tied it to the foot of the bed. Kira was struggling and squirming for all she was worth. She knew what the woman was going to do and she was “mmmmphhimg” into her gag like a woman possessed. “You seem a little unhappy,” The woman said sardonically. “I need to cheer you up a little you know, I need to make you laugh” Sure enough, the woman started to tickle Kira’s nylon clad feet unmercifully; noting with sadistic pleasure the discomfort Kira was in. After about ten minutes of this torture, the woman stopped. She massaged Kira’s legs and feet for a while, ignoring Kira’s muted cries and obvious displeasure, allowing her hands to massage her crotch. Kira shut her eyes and tried not to think about it but it was impossible to ignore the feeling of the soft gentle hands running themselves over her pantyhose clad limbs. The woman stopped after some fifteen minutes and left Kira alone in the bedroom. Kira thought hard about the predicament she was in. She would not have minded being tied up and gagged by Nyxon, in fact, she would have quite enjoyed it, but this was different. The masked woman was clearly an expert at tying people up and she was also quite a sadist. Presently, the masked woman brought Nyxon into the bedroom and tied her in the same manner as she had tied Kira, and checked the ropes and gags of the two gorgeous women before leaving them to try and free themselves.

  • I do take requests :-) (February 26, 2010)

    My own lingerie drawer for those who might enjoy something more personal .Contact me here if there is something you would like or maybe a custom set of pictures that you may have in mind. You can email me at

  • Welcome! (February 24, 2010)

    Hope you enjoy looking around. My full site will be going live on March 16th.

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