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I am very glad that you are here and that the visuals and story-lines portrayed are as enjoyable to you as they are for me. Without all your encouragement, I may have kept my vision and expressions of Love Bondage more on a personal level and not open for all to view. My thanks to all my fans. My definition of Love Bondage has so much in common with the many well established work that proceeds HosednHelpless.com. I think Harmony Concepts said it best. They may have even created the definition itself or at very least brought the term to the mainstream fan of fetish photography. What you will see here is all about the willingness to be in such story-lines. I enjoy my role as the “Damsel in Distress” and that everyone involved has the same creative approach from the photographers to the models down to our wonderful web host and friend, Sandra Silvers. There is a very distinct vision of what we do here and what you will find on other sites. Through fantasy and creative storytelling, we portray a willing cast of characters who chose to play those parts. We are not about dark scenes of humiliation, pain, forced submission or restraint against ones will. You will find none of that here. There are many sites for that but this not one of them. As a woman, I have very strong feelings on that subject. What we produce, and hope you enjoy, is an extension of our love of “fetish photography” with a story. It is the visual of the helpless model, who is a willing participant. Does she enjoy the fact others take pleasure in her predicament? Yes of course. But the key is she wanted to be there on film and in front of the camera. That all said, thank you again for joining me as I get HosednHelpless.

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